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Due to the dynamic environment in China today, the China Alliance has found that companies need to maintain an equally dynamic approach to their China strategy. The China Alliance Business Consulting Group was formed in 2006 to meet these needs.

While China's entry into the World Trade Organization has improved the landscape for trade and investment in China, it has not resulted in a predictable or reliable business environment. The Business Consulting Group provides clients with the strategic advice and operational assistance to clients entering the China market. The China Alliance Business Consulting Group provides research and guidance on legal, regulatory and other business conditions in China. Our consultants can formulate and provide assistance in implementing national and local government relations strategies. We have expertise in identifying sourcing and acquisitions targets, and advise on financing options for China business strategies.


Companies frequently approach the China market without thorough due diligence or an adequate understanding of the market. The China Alliance helps clients better position themselves to respond to the unconventional business, cultural, governmental and other challenges in China. The China Alliance provides in-depth knowledge of best practices in a specific sector, advice and assistance with local, provincial and national government entities, and market intelligence on emerging trends, all of which are critical to a successful China strategy.

The China Alliance works with clients to develop business plans that identify achievable near-term objectives, construct appropriate responses to potential setbacks, and thoughtfully consider and incorporate the realities of the marketplace.


The China Alliance addresses issues such as intellectual property rights enforcement, emerging industrial policies, burdensome regulatory requirements and aggressive quarantine, customs and other border measures in order to overcome regulatory and enforcement challenges in China. The China Alliance works vigilantly with national, provincial and local governmental authorities in China, responsible agencies in the U.S. and Canada, and other influential third parties to allow companies to maintain a competitive market position.


The China Alliance Business Consulting Group, LLC and the China Alliance member firms have solid experience in legal and regulatory processes available to North American industries claiming a disruption to their markets or other need for relief from Chinese imports.

Services include providing government relations advice and assistance to clients seeking to address:

  • antidumping;
  • countervailing duty;
  • safeguard measures, including textile and product specific;
  • safeguards made available by China’s WTO accession;
  • Section 337; and
  • other trade remedy actions.



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